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Are you concerned about how you can protect your staff, customers, and the public from COVID-19? If you operate a business, you’ve likely struggled to clean and disinfect your own facility.

As you adjust to new routines while complying with coronavirus safety recommendations, you’ve likely seen businesses and services announce shortened hours, citing the need to deep clean the premises.

The phrase might cause you to imagine exhausted employees pulling all-nighters to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Many organizations do subject their employees to the risks and effort associated with COVID-19 cleanup. But others rely on professional biohazard cleanup companies to step in.

These are the top eight reasons why Long Island Trauma clients turn to us for infectious disease decontamination:

1. The SARS-CoV-2 virus remains viable in the environment days

“People may acquire the virus through the air and after touching contaminated objects.” On March 17, 2020, The New England Journal of Medicine published a study by multiple universities and public health agencies pinpointing the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-2, lifespan.

Here’s how long it can survive outside the human body:

  • In aerosols (minute droplets of body fluids in the air) for up to three hours
  • On copper surfaces for up to four hours
  • On cardboard for up to 24 hours
  • Up to three days on stainless steel and plastic

This study supports the theory that workplaces require careful and thorough disinfection not only of frequently-touched objects but surfaces in ventilation systems and areas likely contaminated by body fluids released by coughing and sneezing.

2. The CDC recommends all COVID-19 cleanup teams undergo special training

Are you prepared to train your employees to properly deep-clean and disinfect areas contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus? Do you have a schedule that allows them to complete the job in between shifts, or after business hours?

Improper cleaning techniques can spread contamination, aerosolize the virus, and put your staff and the public at risk.

Professional biohazard cleanup technicians follow CDC, OSHA and EPA guidelines developed specifically to clean and sanitize areas contaminated by SARS-CoV-2.

We follow our comprehensive checklist, ensuring that we meet or exceed public health mandates for coronavirus sanitation and workplace safety.

3. The CDC advises employers to provide PPE to COVID-19 cleaners

Respirators, gloves, face shields, and hazmat coveralls are in short supply, but they’re often essential personal protection equipment (PPE) for industrial, laboratory, food service, and medical workers.

Janitorial staff and employees tasked with cleaning up COVID-19 contamination may not have access to safety equipment, and if they do, they may not know the steps required to safely remove and dispose of contaminated PPE.

We equip our technicians from our own PPE inventory, allowing our clients to retain their own valuable supply.

4. COVID-19 deep cleaning is time- and labor-intensive

Staffing challenges and limited downtime are major factors in cleaning affected areas.

This is especially true of medical facilities operating at or above surge capacity, essential retailers focused on restocking shelves and packing plants and distribution centers operating around the clock.

We scale our response teams to suit our clients’ needs, within the timeframe they require.

We work with clients to develop tailored emergency response protocols so we can completely clean and sanitize your facility with minimal disruption.

Our protocols and results allow your staff to focus on the task at hand, whether that be performing essential duties or benefiting from much-needed rest and recuperation.

5. LI Trauma uses the right equipment and compounds to neutralize coronavirus

We apply techniques and cleaning solutions appropriate to each surface and task.

Some cleaning and disinfecting compounds can unnecessarily damage your property and equipment, and create a secondary health hazard by leaving behind unhealthy chemical residue.

All of our cleaning compounds are EPA-approved and CDC and OSHA compliant.

6. We package and dispose of biohazard waste according to local and federal laws

All contaminated waste generated by coronavirus cleaning and sanitization requires special handling and disposal.

Our certified teams remove all contaminated cleaning materials, delivering them to the appropriate biohazard waste processing facilities.

Companies that attempt biohazard cleanup through in-house efforts are often unaware of the penalties for illegal contaminated waste disposal, costing thousands of dollars and putting waste management workers at risk.

7. Professional COVID-19 deep cleaning enforces brand trust

Your customers and employees (and the public) want to know you take their safety—and that of the community at large—seriously.

While we are committed to discretion and typically operates without drawing attention, there are times when our presence is reassuring. This is one of those times.

Everyone is aware of exposure risks, assuming all commercial, industrial, or institutional facilities contain coronavirus contamination.

That means that there is no stigma associated with having a team of biohazard cleaners wearing PPE on-premises, even if it is just for preventative measures before there are any confirmed cases.

The “optics” will, most likely, work in your favor.

8. We serve all private and public sector organizations

We have been serving clients in need of biohazard remediation services for many years

Our loyal customers include:

  • Car and RV rental companies
  • Short-term rental properties
  • Hotels and motels
  • Medical facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Shipping and distribution centers
  • Manufacturing and assembly plants
  • Industrial facilities
  • Daycare centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Detention facilities
  • Vehicle salvage companies
  • Biotechnical, forensic, and pathology laboratories
  • Municipalities
  • Private residences

We specialize in cleaning up infectious disease, blood spills, and decomposition, completing each project as if our families’ lives depend on our work.

During an unprecedented pandemic, they certainly do.

Entrust your employees’ safety and that of your community to us.

Make LI Trauma your strategic partner in the fight against COVID-19

We have coronavirus cleanup response teams standing by across New York State 24/7, though we strongly recommend bringing us on board before the need arises.

Contact us anytime to find out more info.

Our customer care associates will work with you or your company’s insurance, or assist you in seeking financing options or emergency funding.