Sewage Remediation

Sewage is a damaging element. Damage caused by sewage in a building or home is one of the largest sources of insurance company claims. The quicker it is dealt with, the better the outcome. If a structure stays wet too long, wood can warp, drywall will disintegrate and electrical parts can short out, causing fires or shock.

Time is of the essence. You are required by your insurance company to help reduce damages. In a sewage damage situation, prompt action lessens the cost. It is advantageous to begin the drying process within 24 hours to prevent the growth of mold and other contaminates. If you wait too long, mold may begin to grow and, unfortunately, most insurance companies no longer cover mold removal. Those that do cover it usually offer a very low level of coverage, rarely enough to cover the cost of its removal. Prompt actions by experienced restorers can make a difference in mitigating structural damage to property. So don’t wait.

Crime Scene Cleanup Qualifications

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